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How to make fertilizer

How to make fertilizer

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The do-it-yourself fertilizer Homemade

fertilizers are part of those products that allow you to cultivate the vegetable garden or garden in a completely natural way. They are often made from organic waste from food, nutritious herbs, or the plant remains of trees and plants. Peels, coffee grounds, dry leaves, left to ferment for a few days, can give rise to compost, an excellent natural homemade fertilizer that nourishes ornamental plants, fruit, vegetables and makes the soil soft and soft. Let's see how to make the fertilizer for every need.

Natural fertilizer for fruit plants One idea is the use of ash.

Do not throw away the ashes from the fireplace during the winter, but rather, keep it in a bucket. To make an excellent fertilizer, just mix the soil with ash, rich in phosphates. What can be burned is wood, dried leaves, tobacco. The correct proportions are: soil 70%, ash 30%. Clean well around the plants, forming a well-hoe circle of earth, to let the roots breathe and add the mixture. The operation in general can be done in spring, when the plant is preparing to bear fruit, and in autumn.

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